Terminals and remote administration

Network admins are familiar with various terminal programs. Originally, one computer served multiple users simultaneously. Much later, in the era of personal PCs, every user had its own computer. Nowadays, the progress has advanced even further: users often have several computers.

Remote access software for network administration

The time for network terminals has returned, however now they serve a completely different purpose: to allow users to work with multiple computers using one handy terminal. Remote computer management software is intended for just this purpose.

There are already several solutions available in the market. Moreover, the latest versions of operating systems now include remote control and remote help tools. Unfortunately, many of them are rather complicated and not all that user-friendly.

Multi Screen Remote Desktop program enables a network admin to work on any computer in the local area network (Intranet) or connected to the Internet.

Remote tasks

admins often need to perform the same task on many computers at once. Install latest antivirus on several computers for example.

Moving from one PC to another takes too much time and distracts from the main objective. Using of remote access becomes even more reasonable when the remote computer you need to manage is located on other floor, or in another building or even in another country.


Using of remote access software form one place is a modern style of work for network admins now. Computer networks are more and more important these days. So, the remote desktop software is a must have solution for network admin of any level.

Multi Screen Remote Desktop is one of the best tools in the market for remote administration purposes. It is fast, secure, and comfortable to use.

Remote Desktop Control

Version:          v4.1
Release: July 11, 2019
File size: 1.45M
Price: $35USD per Client


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