Home network

Home networks are becoming more and more popular. Every adult has a laptop, children have game computers; computer-based media-centers are also becoming a common thing. Some advanced users go even further: old jokes about married couples that communicate over e-mail or instant messengers have become a reality.

With the advent of WiFi there is now no need for all those annoying wires! Where there is communications, the number of computers increases more and more.

Control everything from one place

Moving from one PC to another takes too much time and distracts from the main objective. Also please note that your favorite and the most ergonomic and smooth mouse in the world, as well as the most modern and multi-functional multimedia keyboard are connected only to one computer. In light of this, using any other computer can make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. That is why working with other computers without leaving your own favorite chair and tuned PC makes a lot of sense. It becomes even more reasonable when the remote PC you need to manage is located on other floor, or in another building or even in another country.

Remote computer access at home

We often need to install software on several computers. For example, you might install the latest antivirus utility or database on your laptop, your wife's laptop and your child's games computer...oh (I almost forgot!) and to the family media-center in the living room. What would you suggest in such situation? Copy the software to a diskette and go to every machine? It is so tiresome and boring, besides, I don't recall my wife's laptop even has a disk drive!

The modern solution looks like this: from your PC you connect to other computers using remote access software. You can connect to one computer at a time or simultaneously connect to all of them. Simply run the installation file in every machine, and that's all! You won't even have to leave your cozy chair.


The number of computers increases from year to year. Home network is a common thing now. It is very useful and become more and more popular since Wi-Fi technology came out and play.

Remote computer access allows the user to control any computer from another computer. Usually this is a common task for a network administrator, but nowadays many people have more than one computer at home and switching between them takes a lot of time.

We advice you to use our Multi Screen Remote Desktop software as remote access solution for home networks, because it is fast, comfortable, and very easy to understand and to use.

Remote Desktop Control

Version:          v4.1
Release: July 11, 2019
File size: 1.45M
Price: $35USD per Client


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