Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How to install or update Host Module on remote computers without visiting them physically?

If the remote computers are located in the same network as the Admin Computer, you can install the Host Module remotely using the "Remote Installation" feature.

This feature is integrated into the Admin Module, and you can run it via the "Tools" menu.

Note: Before remote deploy you need to copy or download the latest installation package of Multi Screen Remote Desktop to your Admin PC.

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How can I send Ctrl+Alt+Del combination to the remote PC?

You can send Ctrl+Alt+Del combination to the remote computer in "Full Control" mode only. The Host Module must run as a system service on the remote PC to perform this event. Use "Ctrl+Alt+Del" button on the toolbar of Remote Screen window to send this and other system keystrokes to remote Host PC.

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How can I hide the tray icon of the Host Module?

Open Host Module settings, select "Start" tab and then turn on "Hidden mode" option.

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How to transfer files to or from a remote PC?

Multi Screen Remote Desktop contains integrated file transferring feature that allows you to transfer files between remote and local computers without any additional software.

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How to prevent a closing of Host Module by the user?

A tray menu of the Host Module contains the "Exit" command to close the module. Actually the user of remote computer should not shutdown the Host Module manually, because the network administrator needs to have a stable access to the remote computer at any time. It is recommended to hide the tray icon on each workstation. Read how to hide the tray icon.

If the Host Module runs as a simple application, the user of remote PC can shutdown it using the Task Manager. Install Host Module as a system service to avoid this issue. Only users with administrator's privileges will be able to stop the service in that case. Open Host Module settings, got to "Start" tab, select a proper start type.

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How to determine which remote computer I'm controlling now?

In the "Windowed" display mode look at the title of Remote Screen window, you will see the remote computer's display name.

In the "Full-Screen" display mode, you should temporary switch to the "Windowed" mode, and look at the title of window.

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How to copy the Remote Desktop Control address book from one computer to another?

The address book of Remote Desktop Control is stored in the "apc-addressBook.ini" file in the work folder of the program ("C:\Program Files\Remote Desktop Control 2" by default). You can simply copy this file to another computer.

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