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Why can't I connect with the remote computer?

Possible reasons of the problem independently of software edition:

  1. Host Module is not started on the remote computer.
  2. Remote PC is turned off or has no Internet/LAN connection.
  3. Firewall or Antivirus protection on the Host/Admin computer is used and is not configured well.

Online Gateway edition aka Internet Account mode reasons:

  1. "Use Account Connection service" option is disabled in the Host Module settings.
  2. You are accessing Internet via Proxy server without HTTP tunel

Direct Connection edition possible reasons:

  1. IP-address/name of the remote Host computer was changed (it is dynamical for example) or you try to connect via incorrect IP address.
  2. Host computer is located in the network behind the router and you want to access it via Internet.

You can verify do you have direct connection with the remote PC using a Ping command in system console, example:


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How to find out IP address of the remote PC?

If you want to connect to remote PC, but don't know remote IP address, please follow the next instructions:

  • User of remote Host PC should move his mouse pointer over the Host Module tray icon. The tool tip popup will show the list of IP addresses.
  • You may use a IPConfig command in the system console, type: ipconfig /all
  • Remote user should provide you with IP address by phone, e-mail or instant messenger.

Also take a look at Online Gateway edition of Remote Desktop Control software. In that case remote IP address is not required at all.

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How to access a remote PC behind the firewall?

Remote connection is impossible when Firewall blocks Remote Desktop Control program. You don't need to configure internal Windows Firewall as our program configures it automatically, but third-party firewalls may require manual configuring.

If you are using Online Gateway edition in Account Connection mode, please, configure firewall to allow our program outgoing connections via 443 and 80 ports. Add the following modules into Firewall allowing list:

  • On the Host Computer:
    • C:\Program Files\Remote Desktop Control 2\apc_host.exe
    • C:\Program Files\Remote Desktop Control 2\apc_hostConig.exe
  • On the Admin Computer:
    • C:\Program Files\Remote Desktop Control 2\apc_admin.exe

If you are using Direct Connection edition open TCP ports 6279 and 7279 in firewalls ether remote or local computers.

  • Allow incoming connection on Host Computer for:
    • C:\Program Files\Remote Desktop Control 2\apc_host.exe
  • Allow outgoing connections on Admin Computer for:
    • C:\Program Files\Remote Desktop Control 2\apc_admin.exe

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How to control a remote PC with dynamically assigned IP address?

You will never have problems with dynamic IP addresses if you are using Online Gateway Account connection. You don't have to know computer's IP address to connect with remote PC in this mode.

If you are working in Direct Connection mode, the IP address of Host Module could be dynamically changed. Someone on the other side could tell you the remote IP address by phone, e-mail or instant messenger, for example. After that you can connect to the remote computer using that IP address.

If you are often compelled to be connected to the remote computer with a dynamically assigned IP-address, and nobody on the remote side can tell you the current IP, you can use some of services, such as or It will help you to know the IP address of the remote PC even if it often changes.

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How to access from the Internet a remote PC behind the router?

It is possible a situation when remote computers are located in the local area network (LAN) behind a network address translation (NAT) based router and you want to control that PCs via Internet.

You will not have any problems and obstacles if you are using Online Gateway connection mode to access these PCs as router doesn't require any additional configuration in this case.

However there is a difficulty in Direct Connection mode if remote computers have no public IP addresses, i.e. addresses are private (192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x for example); and only the router has a public IP address (something like is accessible from the Internet.

In that case, you need to configure "Forwarding" on the router/firewall to control internal LAN computers from the Internet. You should configure your network hardware to forward connections from a port on the router to a specific IP address and port of the target computer inside your computer network. It is necessary to assign at least one unique port on the router for every internal computer you need to control.

Remote Desktop Control uses 2 TCP port 6279 and 7279 by default.

How "port forwarding" works?


  • Port on the network PC is a private port. Network PC is private.
  • Port on the router is a public port. Router is public.

Router should forward traffic from its different public ports to different private computers.

Let's consider an example

You have local network with 3 PCs and 1 router. Admin Module is located anywhere in the Internet, but outside this network.

You want to control network PCs via Internet when you use the admin's PC.

  • Public IP address of router is
  • Private IP addresses of network PCs are:,,

In this case the configuration of the "port forwarding" can be the following:

  • : 6279 -> : 6279
  • : 7279 -> : 7279
  • : 6278 -> : 6278
  • : 7278 -> : 7278
  • : 6277 -> : 6277
  • : 7277 -> : 7277

For connecting to some network PC via Admin Module you always use external IP address of router (, but unique pair of port numbers (6279 and 7279; 6278 and 7278; 6277 and 7277) to connect each network workstation.

You should enter these values into the Admin Module address book ("Add new PC" button) and change default ports in the Host Module settings on each workstation.

In this example for connecting with computer you should enter in the admin address book:

  • IP address:
  • ports: 6278 and 7278

On the Host PC you should change default ports to 6278 and 7278.

You can read how to configure your router's model here: Routers Index

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How to connect remote computer through the Proxy Server?

There is only one way of connection to the remote computer through a HTTP Proxy server. It is called HTTP-tunneling.

For realization of this opportunity you can use some special software, HTTPort for example.

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