Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How many licenses I need?

Multi Screen Remote Desktop is licensed on a per client basis, the server side program is FREE. You need a licenses count is equal to count of computers where Remote Desktop Control software is used (admin module, host module, or both)

Each license is used to control some physically unique computer. So you will not be able control many computers via single shortcut in Admin address book by changing the shortcut properties, since the Admin Module remembers computers it has been connected to.

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Is there a volume or multi license discount?

There is a large discount for multiple licenses, for example, a license for 10 computers costs less then separate licenses for 8 computers.

Please test the software compatibility before purchasing a huge namber of multiple licenses.

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What edition of remote software should I purchase?

If you are planning to work with remote computers inside your local area network only, Direct Connection edition is enough.

If some remote computer is located outside local computer network, and the remote PC has no routed IP address, you should use Online Gateway edition to get access this computer over Internet.

Note: Direct Connection edition doesn't work with Online Gateway service. The Online Gateway edition includes all Direct Connection features.

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I've lost my registration. What should I do?

Contact our customer service using online form. Please specify your registration data (name, e-mail, number of licenses). We will resend your registration data via e-mail.

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