Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see a blank screen while remote PC is in full screen Console mode?

It happens because the current version of Remote Desktop Control cannot work with full screen text modes. However you can press Alt+Enter combination to switch the remote computer to the windowed text mode.

Note: You can send keystrokes to the remote PC, only if you are working with the remote computer in Control mode.

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Why the remote screen sometimes looks so ugly?

Sometimes while viewing the remote screen, it may look ugly. It happens when you are using "Low" or "Medium" color depth for Remote Screen window. To increase color depth you need to do the following: connect to a Host PC and click "Full Control" button. On the toolbar of the appearing Remote Screen window press "Settings" button. In the appearing dialog box select Performance/Quality tab and set the parameter Collors to "High".

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How can I speed up the program's performance?

In case of a poor performance of Remote Desktop Control while viewing of the remote screen, it is recommended (in order from most effective remedy to less effective):

On the Host Computer side:

  • Use better video adapter, CPU, and install the latest video drivers.
  • Reduce color depth and screen resolution (16bit, 256 colors).
  • Remove a wallpaper from the remote desktop.
  • In some cases you may get better performance if disable "Hardware acceleration" on the Host PC (Display Properties->Settings->Advanced->Troubleshoot->Set "Hardware acceleration" to "None").

On the Admin Computer side:

  • Start Admin Module, connect to remote PC in "Full Control" mode. Change bandwidth kind in the Settings dialog of Remote Screen window according to your network speed.
  • In Remote Screen Settings dialog: change "Colors" parameter to "Auto" if your bandwidth capacity is high; or "Low" for slow connections like dial-up.
  • In Remote Screen Settings dialog (Advanced Settings tab): turn on option "Remove Wallpaper".

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How safe and secure is Remote Desktop Control to use?

Remote Desktop Control is a secure remote computer access software. It has a large number of security features that can be used to defend PC from unauthorized remote access. Read detailed information about security features at our site.

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I've found a bug in you program. How can I report it?

Please send all bug reports, comments, feature ideas to us using online contact form.

We will be very thankful for all your requests.

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I don't find the answer. How to contact your support team?

The technical and customer support are managed by our R&D Department in Eastern Europe (GMT+2 Time Zone). Please be patient if there is some time difference with your current location.

For any technical or maintenance questions, please contact us via our online form.

When contacting support team please specify:

  • Version of Remote Desktop Control and Windows on the Admin and Host PCs.
  • The problem you faced and all useful information that is related to the problem.

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