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ScreenCast Pro V4.9

ScreenCast Pro is a desktop sharing (screen sharing) software to share your desktop (together with video from camera, sound from sound card) with Your Entire Network!

Do you need to share your screen(together with video from PC camera, input or output signals with your sound card) to others on your network? ScreenCast Pro is a simple and easy to use desktop sharing (screen sharing) program to share your desktop, video and audio to each computer of your Windows network. Each computer can view your shared desktop screen, watch your video, and hear your voice or your Windows sound in real time remotely - all from their location!

This is an ideal solution for education, training and demonstration at schools or in companies.


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Key features:

  • Desktop Sharing, Video Sharing and Sound Sharing (3-in-1) --- Other computers on your network can view your screen, watch your webcam video and hear your voice or PC sound remotely.
  • Real Time --- Share your desktop screen, video and audio in real time.
  • High Quality --- High screen and video quality.
  • Thin Client --- Other computers connect to your computer via Internet Explorer.
  • Remote Control --- Allow another computer to use its own keyboard and mouse to control your desktop remotely.

What can you do with this great desktop sharing tool - ScreenCast Pro?

Lots of things! Our customers are using ScreenCast Pro for a variety of tasks: teaching in several classrooms simultaneously, monitoring servers, collaborating with a co-worker, presenting your work to your fellow workers, and more.

  • Employee Networks
  • Call Center Environment
  • Data Entry Environment
  • Corporate Intranet
  • Government Network
  • City or County Intranet

  • Student Networks
  • Classroom of PC's
  • Computer Lab
  • Entire School Network
  • School District Intranet
  • College or University Labs

Teach in several classrooms simultaneously. If you are a teacher , using ScreenCast Pro, you can teach in one classroom (or even in your office) and share your desktop screen,video and sound to several classrooms.

Parents who need to remote control and remote monitor their home network are also users of ScreenCast Pro. Your child will think twice about doing something naughty online if they know you can see everything they do. View an instant screenshot, block web sites or applications and do many other useful tasks.

Remote control, monitor and configure servers from your desktop. If you have your servers in a server room, you can save a trip down the hall by using ScreenCast Pro at your desk to keep the servers running. You can also watch realtime video of that room.

Collaborate with a co-worker. Sometimes you need to work with someone, but it's not convenient to get together. Use ScreenCast Pro to work together, working with any application you like by sharing desktop to each other.

Present your work to your fellow workers. With ScreenCast Pro, you can present your work effectively by sharing desktop screen to your fellow workers without having to calling them to your seat.

Download PAD file here: pad_file.xml

Note: If you are looking for a desktop sharing software without video feature, please find our another product PC IN IE which is also a great desktop sharing and screen sharing tool.
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