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Real VNC

Real VNC software is quite popular remote computer access solution because it free. In other side RealVNC software is hard to setup and works slowly. Remote Desktop Control is great alternative to Real VNC solution. This Real VNC analog software allows you to works on remote computer just in few clicks.
Screenshot of Real VNC alternative software
Remote Desktop Control program is comfortable for any user, especially for people who don't have networks or hardware knowledge. Real VNC will be good in office with network administrator and wide traffic channels. If you want spend less time to get software working, choose RDC instead of RealVNC.
Real VNC analog software is easy to use
Our Real VNC analog software is fast and comfortable for all users. You might even forget that you are working with computer in different location. Download Remote Desktop Control and you will be able to work with any remote PC as easy as possible.

Remote Desktop Control

Version:          v4.1
Release: July 11, 2019
File size: 3.13 MB
Price: $39.95