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Ready to use Laplink software alternate is Remote Desktop Control program. Software allows you to see a desktop of remote computer on the screen of your PC via network or Internet. Also the program allows you to use the mouse and keyboard to control the remote computer. It means that you can work on remote PC, using Laplink like software, as if you were sitting in front of the remote computer.
Laplink analog software allows you to view a desktop of remote computer on the screen of your PC
Laplink class software is comfortable for any kind of user. Even a "newbie" will easily understand basic remote desktop operations. Professionals will find many powerful features, such as view only and full control modes, remote shutdown or log-off, multiple and simultaneous connections, and so on. The main design consideration of Remote Desktop Control software is "as easy as possible for the user".
To get Laplink alternate software working you need just a few clicks
Laplink analog utility is so fast and comfortable that you might even forget that you are working with computer from a different location! Download Remote Desktop Control and you will be able to work with different remote connections simultaneously, from anyplace in the world.

Remote Desktop Control

Version:          v4.1
Release: July 11, 2019
File size: 3.13 MB
Price: $39.95